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Martial Arts

We teach Systema, a military grade martial art developed in Russia and used by top special operations units.  It is a serious art for self defense but also for living a wonderful life.  We offer unique solutions to violence, but we offer so much more.  By learning Systema you will make yourself stronger physically, mentally, and psychologically. You will acquire the skill sets necessary to 

protect yourself and loved ones, but more importantly you will move through life with competence and not just phony confidence.  You will learn to overcome others, but more importantly you will learn to overcome your own fears, doubts, and daily stresses.


Healthy lifestyle promotion.

 The health system of Systema includes: breathing practices, nutrition, cold water dowsing, calisthenics, fasting, and meditation.  These practices individually are all beneficial for us, but when combined they create vibrant health, heal the body, and manage stress without effort. When your  body begins to function on this level you will understand that it is you who is eliminating stress, pain, and negative emotions on your own. 


Teaching Methods

The training and teaching methods have been intrinsically researched over the last half century.  How the brain learns new skills was deeply studied.  This is not a quick fix, it is simply a more efficient and effective way of learning.  You will walk away from every class with usable information that can be applied immediately. The skills you will learn can be taken into all aspects of your life be it: self defense, business, family, or outdoor activities. 


Our philosophy

 The definition of Excellerent is: "becoming outstanding or very good quickly".  Learning a new skill can take some time, but it should not be a daunting process.  Self Defense skills should not take years like some traditional schools preach, and you don't need to fight in a ring to get them. For those of us dealing with injuries, or age related issues, jumping into the ring or on the mat right away is simply; not safe. 

We value safety among all else. "Do no harm" is one of the main principles of Systema. We route out violent and irrational people.  It's our culture. Violent intentions are not welcome. We offer an environment which allows you to explore your limits safely.  Many gyms and martial arts schools leave you physically beaten, and more exhausted  mentally then when you came in.  With us you will not only drastically improve your self defense capabilities, you will become a better, healthier person as well.  


Your Instructor

John Rigakos began martial arts at the age of ten with taekwondo and then later Karate, in which he earned a black belt.  In his twenties he studied Kung Fu and Hapkido, earning High ranks in both.  Training in some of the roughest martial arts schools in Toronto Ontario, he sustained many injuries along the way.  He became disheartened with the "tough guy" personas that pervaded these organizations at the time, and became more interested in healing his many injuries. He studied Shiatsu massage, and Chinese medicine. He later added Reiki and Internal kung fu to his practice routine.  They were all beneficial, but none of them provided a true healing experience.  Discovering Systema in 1991 was like opening a gift that continued giving.  It healed all of his past injuries and asked only one thing; that he keep practicing.  He felt it was so wonderfully laid out, that he wants to now share it with everyone.  John has been trained and authorized to teach Systema by Vladimir Vasiliev, Director and chief instructor of Systema Headquarters, Toronto. 

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